New ReStart Programme Impact Report out now, as applications open for the 2024 programme. 

In 2023, ReStart, a specialised support programme led by Allen & Overy, celebrates its 8th year. This programme is designed to empower individuals aged 50 and above who are currently unemployed, and it aims to guide them back onto a fulfilling career path.  

25 of ECC’s coaches supported the ReStart participants, and the Good Business Initiative, ECC’s not-for-profit organisation partnered with A&O to evaluate the impact of ReStart for this report. 

“The coaching gave me a lot of confidence, it really shook me up. The coach said “Think about your strengths. What would you really like to do? What motivates you?” They really gave me a whole new confidence to believe I could do something more meaningful, something I would enjoy.” ReStart participant 2023, taken from the report. 

Since ReStart’s inception through workshops, coaching, and mentoring provided by various organisations and generous A&O employees, nearly 200 participants have gained the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to enhance their resourcefulness and find employment opportunities. 

The impact headlines for ReStart 2023 include:  

  • 100% said they would recommend ReStart to someone else in a similar situation 
  • 96% felt confident about their job search after completing the programme versus 17% beforehand 
  • 92% felt it would be ‘Unlikely’ or ‘Very Unlikely’ they would find work if they hadn’t taken part in the programme 

Click here to download the full ReStart Programme Impact Report 2023 

The 2023 ReStart programme empowered 27 participants by enhancing their awareness of personal strengths and transferable skills. Simultaneously, it bolstered their confidence, motivation, and self-belief. Participants found immense value in the peer support they received, creating a nurturing environment to discuss challenges and celebrate achievements.  

“The strengths profile and the values exercise were pivotal moments for me. In the interview process for my current role, it was incredible to realise “actually, this job really corresponds to me”. And I’d never really thought about me in the job hunt process before. I would say it was life-changing.” – ReStart participant 2023, taken from the report. 

To find out more about ReStart, and apply for the 2024 programme, visit Allen & Overy ReStart | Allen & Overy Careers (