Reach this pool of returning talent and give them the encouragement, support and navigation so that they are able to resume their careers.

Career Returners

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Combined, new and legacy workforce supply issues mean that fishing in one pool of ‘typical’ or ‘traditional’ talent is no longer enough.  Organisations must look more widely for previously untapped pools of talent.

The typical career path is being reconfigured and transitions in and out of careers are becoming much more common. Re-joining the workplace after a significant career break can be challenging.

We know that with coaching and the right encouragement, support and navigation, returners are able to resume their careers with you.

Who is the Resume Programme for?

Resume is for experienced individuals who have taken a significant career break for a range of reasons. Returning to work after an extended break can be daunting and our coaches provide support during the induction and the early months, as well as preparing their managers for this different type of new starter.

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How does it work?

We run conference, workshops and 1:1 coaching to enable you to re-recruit this talent pool, and work alongside your internal teams to help you successfully on board these returners.

We provide individual and group coaching support to returners and their managers to ensure a smooth transition back to the workplace.

Our programme helps organisations to:

  • Reach out directly to this potential pool of high performing individuals
  • Recruit from a group known to be highly engaged in their new career opportunity
  • Ensure these recruits are supported in the early days to deliver successfully
  • Balance the new thinking of recently developed talent with the wisdom of more experienced thinkers
  • Contribute to corporate social responsibility goals
  • Meet diversity aims

You can help your organisation re-engage talented individuals returning to work after a career break

We help individuals to:

  • Recognise the enhanced value of the broader perspective they have from outside of the workplace
  • Identify the strengths they bring back and how they can apply them
  • Develop resilience and manage vulnerability
  • Feel better prepared and confident to return to work
  • Set a vision and action plan for their return

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“I found it so helpful; it felt like rocket fuel for my confidence.”

Returning Talent Participant- International Bank

“Coaching sessions have been invaluable in managing my own expectations in terms of the rollercoaster nature of how you can feel on a daily basis. Support from my intake, individuals, old and new, has been invaluable.”

Returnship participant, Global Law Firm

“Thank you for your help in clarifying what I wanted and giving me the confidence to not settle for a compromise – I am delighted to have found something that meets quite a long list of requirements!”

Returnship Participant, Global Law Firm

“ECC are very effective at helping returners set the course for navigating a return to work. Once the decision is taken to resume a career, the way forward can be daunting. The coaches did a fantastic job of helping us to define meaningful, actionable steps. They also provided us with the tools for identifying and addressing some of the softer issues and challenges returners may face and showed us how they can be approached with honesty, grace and humour.”

Participant, International Bank

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