Accelerating Women’s Careers

The task is challenging for those trying to help their organisation progress in gender equity.

Either you’re worrying you are running out of women for the talent pipeline, vulnerable to losing the women you already have in senior positions or trying to square the circle of supporting leaders and sponsors in their role in change and accountability. And this means you may have yet to get the results you want, or at least not at scale.

But we can help you change that. ECC’s coaching-based approach, whether one-to-one, group or leadership programme, means you can have robust solutions sized to your organisation and targeted at your talent pools.

If you add in our work with managers, leaders and sponsors in supporting change, you’ll take decisive and impactful action towards gender parity.

To unlock the talent of your aspiring women and help you build a pool of future leaders, we provide scalable coaching-based development programmes.
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For your women leaders and those already on the path to senior promotion, our programmes help them identify successful strategies to achieve their career goals, and you can reach your diversity goals.
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For your senior and executive women and those at the board level, our one-to-one and group coaching programmes unlock their agency so they can deliver with impact and you can grow.
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Our Partnership with Deliveroo

“We use ECC to bring focused, expert development to our future women leaders across our global organisation. Each person completing the Accelerate programme leaves the programme highly motivated, confident, and equipped with new skills and strategies to continue their own growth and development. The programme is a huge success across the company and is our most in-demand development programme.

Our partnership with ECC is very strong – ECC listens to the changing needs and challenges of our business and responds with carefully considered, expert input and advice.

They have become the ‘go to’ coaching provider whenever we/I look for coaches to bring into our business.”

Keith McDougall, Director, Learning & Development at Deliveroo

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Why women’s programmes work

Women still face obstacles that impact their performance, slow their progress, and challenge their motivation. Creating a pipeline of influential women leaders is critical to sustaining business success but needs to be within reach for more women.

Encouraging women to understand the barriers can help them navigate them and move ahead. This understanding, rather than reinforcing any sense of women being a ‘casualty’ of the context, empowers them.


We help women develop the behaviours and mindset they need to thrive – whatever the challenge.

“This course is extremely valuable and I will be able to use these strategies and tools learned throughout the facets of my life. I’m also excited about a new group of strong women that I know I get to be part of.”

 – Accelerate Participant, 2022

NPS of 100
For our women’s development programmes
7 in 10 women
Took on extra responsibilities or were promoted following our programme
79% Improvement
In feeling empowered to overcome barriers
NPS of 100
For our women’s development programmes
7 in 10 women
Took on extra responsibilities or were promoted following our programme
79% Improvement
In feeling empowered to overcome barriers

How we do it

Coaching is the key enabler to growth, and we have been coaching for a long time. We combine that with what we know about behavioural science and our design and insights thinking. So – whether it is leadership or development programmes, one-to-one or group coaching – you get a solution that works.

Our programmes build upon a foundation of self-awareness, critical for creating positive change and draw upon neuroscience to provide new insights and deepen understanding of what drives behaviours and success.


To progress in gender equity, unlocking the talent in this sizable pool of aspiring women is essential. We can help you understand which coaching-based solution will deliver impact at scale. Development programmes in a large conference style or a smaller repeatable series will help do this and whatever the format you will;

Empower women to be proactive about creating & sustaining change, build their self-awareness and resilience, help them understand how to navigate their careers, play to their unique strengths, and evolve a reputation that matters.

Engage managers, senior managers, and sponsors in the challenges for women and provide practical actions to support a more gender-balanced workforce.

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For your women leaders, our development programmes, one-to-one or group coaching will give them a springboard to progress, whether they are on the path to senior promotion yet or not. Whatever the context, you will;

Develop them to take hold of their careers and establish agency, purpose and a sense of identity critical for leadership. We will also help them design successful strategies to achieve their career goals and encourage them to become role models and create change for others. 

Develop sponsors to understand their essential role in advocating and supporting women and making a material difference in diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

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Retention and sustaining optimum performance are your goals for this pool of senior and executive women and those at the board level. A highly tailored coaching-based programme, one-to-one or group coaching or a mix of both will help them;

Unlock their agency, and hone their purpose and vision, reflect and plan their leadership strategy and become role models and influencers to effect change for other women. 

Establish a peer support network, which is essential for retention so they can share, problem-solve and manage challenges and avoid isolation and disengagement.

Deliver with impact so both they and you achieve sustainable growth. 

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More on the detail

Sponsors and managers are essential to progress

We engage managers, senior managers, and sponsors in the challenges for women and give them practical tools to support a gender balanced workforce and help them to hold critical career conversations with their participants.

A movement that creates change

We help you to create a strong network of women leaders to take hold of their careers and be role models for upcoming talent. We keep the momentum going after our programmes using development nudges and work in partnership with you to create organisational resources and interventions.

Involve men as allies

To help participants to have structured conversations with male colleagues, encouraging them to engage with the gender debate and champion diversity.

A platform for women’s ideas and feedback

To share their ideas on what more the organisation could do to support the careers of women, helping them to have a voice and feel empowered. This is about making sure you really are listening to your women and creating space in any programme for them to feel heard.

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