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Gender Pay Gap Reporting: How a pay gap is created and what an employer can do to close it

Gender pay gap reporting has, for the first time, provided unequivocal evidence to employers of the existence and magnitude of the gap in their organisation. Disclosure alone will not close the gap. Employers, serious about tackling the issue, will need first to understand what is causing it and have a clear plan to address it.

With less than a year’s grace, employers will report the progress they have made in addressing the problem. Without doubt, staff, clients, shareholders and the media will hotly anticipate the news.

Progress made will become a point of differentiation for attracting and retaining employees, for clients awarding or withholding contracts, and for shareholder and possibly customer action.

The pay gap is caused by a range of complex issues which the ECC has many years’ experience helping organisations address. Our new report ‘Gender Pay Gap Reporting: How a pay gap is created and what an employer can do to close it’ aims to help employers that are serious about closing the pay gap by understanding its roots and the most effective ways to change it fundamentally.

gender pay gap reporting