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Managing Your Career Whilst Caring For Others

Whether you are a parent or if you have caring responsibilities, hear from our expert coaches on how to thrive in your career.

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How to support your working parents

In this area, you’ll find our latest research and thought pieces along with external resources to help you develop robust strategies to support and retain your working parents and caregivers.

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Strategy Guide Working Parents | The Executive Coaching Consultancy

Download our strategy guide to help your organisation formulate their plans around supporting & retaining your working parent employees. We draw on our team’s extensive experience in working with clients in this area.
how to know when someone is struggling
Managing Working Parents & Carers

How to Spot the Signs When Someone is Struggling

When someone admits to their manager that they feel demotivated, anxious or stressed, it can still carry the stigma of weakness, incompetence or a lack of commitment. We’ve still a long way to go in de-stigmatising mental health issues. Kate Buller, Executive Coach and Director, lets you know what you can do to prevent distress levels from building up in your team.
Managing Working Parents & Carers

Shifting the Needle: Episode 3 – Inclusion Nudges

In this episode, Geraldine speaks with the founders of the global initiative called ‘Inclusion Nudges’, Tinna C. Nielsen and Lisa Kepinski, to discuss how their methods help the brain to change its unconscious behaviour and close the intentions-actions gap by addressing the implicit norms in our cultures and systems.
Managing Working Parents & Carers

Traps to Avoid When Managing Working Parents

The approach you take as the manager of a parent is one of the most significant factors in shaping your employee’s beliefs about whether they will be able to do well at work and at home. Executive Coach, Karen Falcocchio, lays out three common traps you should avoid.

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