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We are on a mission to affect change. Family-friendly workplaces are good for everyone. And when workplaces aren’t supportive it holds back talented people. This leads to a diminished pool of future leaders. Not every employee or organisation can call on the type of coaching support that we provide and that we know is key to thriving at work. So, we have opted to open up access to some of our favourite and valuable resources. It’s available to everyone and please do share.


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Click the topic to discover the resources that are relevant to where you may be in the parental transition or as someone caring for others. Alternatively, as a manager, you may be looking for resources to help support your working parents or caregivers.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Insights

Support your Working Parents & Caregivers

In this area, you’ll find our latest research and thought pieces to help you develop robust strategies to support and retain your working parents and caregivers.

The Parental Fog Index 2021: Cross-Industry Report

The Parental Fog Cross-Industry Report 2021

Our third edition of the Parental Fog Index Cross-Industry report ranks the websites of the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers by how transparent their support is for working parents and acts as a benchmark tool for employers full of practical advice on how an employer can reach top “Beacon” status.
Dear boss, I quite picture

The Great Resignation… or The Great Opportunity?

Following on from the wake of Covid-19, global resignations have reached a record high.The psychological impact of the pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate what it is they truly want from their career, and are hyper-aware of whether their organisation is giving it to them.The job market has shifted and is now firmly favouring employees who know that if their current company doesn’t offer them the ‘new normal’ of remote and flexible working, then somewhere else will. How then, can managers & leaders make sure their people stay on?
To lead 'well' is to lead inclusively

To Lead ‘Well’ is to Lead Inclusively

Inclusive leadership. Psychological safety. Empathy. Diversity. Unconscious bias. Equity. So many buzzwords! It feels like every few months there’s a new slogan in the field of diversity & inclusion touting itself as the ‘missing link’ or the ‘key’ to creating diverse, innovative, and productive teams. It’s almost overwhelming – and that’s where the problem lies.
DEI Insights

Build a Strategy to Support & Retain Your Working Parents

Download our strategy guide to help your organisation formulate their plans around supporting & retaining your working parent employees. We draw on our team’s extensive experience in working with clients in this area.
DEI Insights

Empathy – The Missing Link to Inclusion

One of the most misleading beliefs about workplace diversity and inclusion is that if the rational benefits of greater inclusivity are explained, alongside how unconscious biases could be influencing our behaviours – that armed with this information, we will change.