For your organisation to thrive, you want your leaders to harness the full potential of their team.

Inclusive Leadership

Whether it’s for business performance or because it’s the right thing to do, your goal is to create psychologically safe teams.

But helping leaders understand how to do that is not straightforward, and the stakes are only getting higher. Everything from retention to performance to regulatory compliance depends on getting it right.

Our Inclusive Leadership Programme combines powerful coaching strategies with evidence-based techniques. We’ll help your organisation develop an environment where your people feel valued, included, and motivated to be themselves and perform at their best.

Coaching in Context

We deliver an experience personalised and distinct to the individual and their context, supporting long-term growth and development

Scalable Solutions

Whether it’s group, team or 1-1 – We integrate and blend delivery methods that are tailored to your organisation to help you achieve transformation


We provide support and resources and set you up for ongoing peer coaching so that you can see results long after we have gone!

How We Work With You

Your Context

We integrate a personalised approach with organisational and systemic awareness that supports scalable transformation for your organisation.

Backed by Evidence & Insights

We are experts in the behavioural sciences and integrate this with evidence-based insights to ensure our programmes help your leaders develop the ideal mindset and behavioural traits essential for inclusivity.

Accessibility & Format

We deliver anywhere in the world, whether it’s virtual or in-person. It’s your choice. And we’ll partner with you to ensure it’s in a format that helps you meet your business needs.

Ongoing Evaluation & Support

We work with you to achieve sustainable change long after their coaching has finished, with the added value of ongoing support that individuals can tap into whenever they need it.

93% Improvement – psychological safety
100% Improvement – challenging bias self & others
93% Improvement – leading with empathy
93% Improvement – psychological safety
100% Improvement – challenging bias self & others
93% Improvement – leading with empathy

How Our Programme Works

Three cornerstones to creating change: 

Raising awareness of the opportunities and obstacles that come from the environment or themselves and helping your leaders understand what inclusivity looks like.

Hone 5 essential skills that translate into the necessary behaviours that allow your leaders to build psychologically safe teams that enable individuals to thrive and drive performance for your organisation.

A framework for sustainable change that benefits your leaders and their people and helps you create momentum for transformation in your organisation.

We take a blended approach:

Workshops, we use evidence-based frameworks and coaching along with actionable exercises to ensure your leaders develop the capabilities and behaviours for change.

Intensive group coaching sessions that leverage the resources and knowledge of your group of leaders where they will deepen understanding and knowledge and work together practically to drive outcomes in inclusivity.

Personalised executive coaching sessions to review progress and embed the change that individuals need to make.

Your Outcomes

An inclusive environment is critical for organisations to achieve sustainable growth and outperform their peers. The evidence shows that this is when your teams and leaders celebrate differences, encourage questions, and welcome new ideas.

Our programmes will help leaders understand how to develop a psychologically safe culture. We will also equip them with the tools to increase their resilience, quality of decision-making, and emotional intelligence.

After our programmes, 9 out of 10 leaders improved their ability to create psychological safety for others. Their teams are now better positioned to achieve and sustain high performance. 

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“The coaches at ECC are commercial, pragmatic and highly focused. The coaching they provide on an individual basis has given valuable insight and helped our senior executives to gain greater perspective in terms of managing relationships, prioritising, strategic thinking, influencing and confidence.”

Senior Leader, Multinational Retailing Company

“Both from my personal experience of ECC’s approach, and from seeing the impact on our company I can particularly recommend their pragmatic approach and their insight into our collective and individual needs.”

Senior Leader, Commercial Property Management and Investment Company

“I recouped the investment in ECC’s coach training programme within months of starting the course, because I was able to deliver and organise high quality executive coaching for our key senior talent. This has been so effective that we are now focussing on setting up a more wide-spread internal coaching approach. Return on Investment in less than a year – Thank you ECC.”

PCRP Course Member, Major Civil Engineering Group

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