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In the past, developing women leaders has been about training and ‘fixing’ them rather than giving them the insights they need so they can develop a career strategy to deliver success. Our coaching-based solutions will help you;

Amplify their potential – get them where they want to be, by developing clarity of purpose, a critical understanding and mindset to help them sustain success.

Power up their strengths – coach women to recognise and build on their unique capabilities and help them understand the behaviours and approaches to deliver leadership with impact.

Create a movement – Our coaching will help your women feel empowered to tackle the critical obstacles to progression and help other women to do the same.

The opportunity you have

When women get to this stage we know that this unfortunately small population can become isolated and question their future. The evidence supports what we know – that they often leave. This doesn’t just erode your diversity and challenge your performance, it sends the wrong message to the women behind them.

We partner with you to design a solution that delivers on your inclusion goals and ultimately your business growth. We focus on the outcomes you need to help you hold onto this valuable talent.


7 in 10 women take on more responsibility
Over 100% improvement in belief in leadership approach
79% improvement in empowerment to overcome barriers
7 in 10 women take on more responsibility
Over 100% improvement in belief in leadership approach
79% improvement in empowerment to overcome barriers

How it works

The most effective strategy includes one-to-one and peer group coaching and we will help you find the best solution for your women and your business.

One-to One Executive Coaching

At this critical inflexion point in their career where demands and visibility are high but their leadership identity may be waning, our coaches will help them re-establish a way ahead. They will examine their motivational drivers, purpose and vision and bring to the fore their authentic strengths & qualities.

Peer Group Coaching

We know that at this stage for women to develop they need a deep sense of trust and belonging, perspective and encouragement. A small group of peers with the right environment fosters support and challenge so they can reach their next level of performance. The evidence tells us that this is most likely to be achieved with other women free from judgement, sharing insights and problem solving. Our coaches will ensure they create the right environment together.

On-going resources

We add insights and resources to to every programme, ensuring sustained change long after the coaching has finished.


We are not just experts in behavioural science; we have decades of coaching data and understand what works in helping women and leaders realise their goals. 

Impact & Growth

We give your people the insights to deepen their understanding of what drives their and others’ behaviour and the knowledge to make sustainable changes.

Expert Coaches

Whether it’s group, one-to-one or programmes, we help women develop a strategy that allows them to be authentic, unlock their potential, and reach their goals.

Deliver Change in Gender Equity

ECC drives change in gender equity by helping women address the barriers to opportunities and develop the capabilities to thrive – whatever the challenge.

Women still face obstacles that impact their performance, slow their progress, and challenge their motivation. Creating a pipeline of influential women leaders is critical to sustaining business success but needs to be within reach for more women. Find out more about scalable solutions that target talent pools.

Change is also about developing inclusive leaders and working with sponsors and allies to foster inclusion and build psychologically safe environments.


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Keynote Speaker

Geraldine Gallacher

Geraldine Gallacher is CEO of the Executive Coaching Consultancy which she started in 1994 and now has over 90 coaches internationally serving a wide range of industries. The Executive Coaching Consultancy has a particular specialism in the Women’s career journey and has coached over 20,000 individuals through key transitions in their careers.

Geraldine speaks regularly on ‘Why there are not enough women in leadership positions’ and has recently authored a book called ‘Coaching Women: Changing the System not the Person’ with McGraw Hill. Coaching Women takes a broader perspective on the issue of gender diversity and considers different ways of achieving systemic changes such as a shift to inclusive leadership and a re-think about current work culture and its implications for mental health. She unpacks this nuanced conversation through the lens of women’s lived experiences and personal journeys, understanding that there are still many unseen barriers to women’s progress. 

She is an accredited Master coach with the Association for Coaching, co-chair of Inclusion and Belonging for the City Women’s Network and is also a founding sponsor of ECC’s not for profit The Good Business Initiative that works with organisations to help them build their leadership capacity and unlock their potential for a positive impact.

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“Masterful coaching; attentive, supportive and objective. You really feel re-calibrated after every session”

Senior Leader, Major Advertising Company

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