Develop the purposeful, confident and happy leaders that your organisation needs through mindful and tailored support

Mid-Life Career Coaching

With mid-life professionals making up 1/3 of the working population, this group continues to be a knowledgeable and invaluable source of skills for your organisation.

The uncertainties and change during this mid-life milestone can cause women to hesitate in advancing their careers. Many women will leave employers that make them feel unsupported, undervalued and uninspired. For the organisation, this means a loss of reliable, and experienced talent from their pipeline.

But investing in the development of your women will guide and support them through internal identity shifts, such as those experienced during menopause, and cope with external life changes.

ECC’s Mid-Life coaching uses, tailored one to one sessions, group coaching, or a blended approach to enable your mid-life employees to become the purposeful, confident and happy leaders that your organisation needs.

Retain, rejuvenate, refocus your mid-life talent through mindful and tailored support

The Value of Mid-Life Coaching

The mid-life milestone is often considered the ‘looming horizon’ that women are forced to explore with little to no support. And these are women with a desire to refocus their career goals, work out their priorities and plan for a fulfilling future in the workplace. Retaining them is crucial for successful organisations who strive for influential and skilful leaders.


Mid-life coaching is an opportunity for organisations to support and refresh their talent pipeline and a chance for the individual employee to successfully revisit what their identity looks like and create a plan for their next career phase.


How Mid-Life Coaching Works

Drawing upon neuroscience to provide insights and deepen understanding of what is impacting an individual’s thoughts, feelings and actions, mid-life coaching breaks unhelpful cycles of self-doubt to develop clarity and confidence for future leaders using inputs, reflections and practical exercises.

ECC’s mid-life coaching programme builds upon a foundation of self-awareness, and is grounded in contemporary research to ensure that each participant is receiving relevant and tailored support.


Throughout the preferred type of coaching, participants have accessibility to ECC’s online resources, from our latest thinking to tools which outline guidance and advice, ensuring a holistic approach when navigating this complex time.

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