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Our core team, that is UK based, operates globally and includes team members that are focused on coach support, learning and development, digital support and client management.

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Leadership Team

Our close knit leadership team has worked together for many years and has grown the organisation to over 50+ global coaches who are trained to deliver a consistently high level of coaching to our clients. We are based in the UK and have an international network of coaches that allows us to service client demands across Europe, Australia, the US, Africa and Asia.

Geraldine Gallacher- CEO & Founder of the Executive Coaching Consultancy

Geraldine Gallacher


Geraldine’s strategic and innovative focus led to her founding ECC in 1994, long before one-to-one coaching was mainstream. Her belief that diverse teams make for better business has helped steer the company to become thought leaders in the area of the female career. Geraldine’s purposeful leadership of ECC is now embracing broader issues of inequality and has manifested in the company’s sponsorship of the Good Business Initiative.

Kate Buller- Director at the Executive Coaching Consultancy

Kate Buller

Director of Core Services & Coach Recruitment and Development

Kate ensures the professional standards of our coach team remain world class. She carefully recruits the very best coaches, who also have impressive business track records and facilitates their growth and development to keep all at ECC at the top of our game.

Emma Spitz- Director at the Executive Coaching Consultancy

Emma Spitz

Director of Client and Programme Management

Emma leads on our client relationship management and ECC’s Working Parents services and together with her dedicated client team, ensures that we work in partnership with our clients to ensure the programmes we offer are bespoke to their needs and of the highest quality in their delivery. Client service and building close long-term relationships with our clients is at the very core of ECC.

Debbie Moore- Director at the Executive Coaching Consultancy

Debbie Moore

Director of Product design and Development

Debbie leads on product design and works with her team and in close collaboration with clients to translate evidence backed research, psychological models and current thought leadership into practical tools and exercises to develop thinking and behaviour.

Michelle Weston- CEO of the Good Business Initiative & Commercial Strategy at the Executive Coaching Consultancy

Michelle Weston

Head of ECC Strategy & Insights

Michelle works with the leadership team to establish our long-term strategy. In addition she is leading ECC's not for profit organisation, the Good Business Initiative, working with organisations to help them contribute to solving social and ethical issues.

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Core Team

Meet the Core Team who directly support and manage ECC's business operations.

Hannah Bradshaw- Executive Coaching Consultancy
Samantha Walls
Shruti Bhayani

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Pragmatic executive coaching delivered by accredited coaches.