“As an organisation dedicated to coaching, we are in a privileged position to challenge leaders on how they are addressing the biggest issues facing society today – climate change and the rise of inequality. Becoming a B Corp organisation means holding up a mirror to ourselves to ensure we are doing all we can to face into these twin challenges. As a leader myself I understand how hard it is to reconcile competing priorities. There’s no silver bullet but becoming a B Corp company has given us a compass for navigating what can be choppy waters. To keep on track, it’s essential that we involve the whole team so that’s why we have created 4 teams to steer the course. It has also introduced us to many other like-minded organisations with whom we can partner, to help us achieve our net zero aim. 

Now, we are delighted to share our first B Corp impact report since gaining status in 2021. In this report we have reflected on the progress we have made recently as a socially responsible business and laid out plans for what we will achieve over the coming years. This is one of the first milestones of being a B Corp and we are pleased to share our achievements and commitments with our community.”

Geraldine Gallacher- CEO at the Executive Coaching Consultancy 

The B Corp status is awarded to businesses that meet the highest standard of social & environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. The UK is home to the largest network of B Corps in the world, with over 1,800 socially and environmentally responsible businesses. Across the world the B Corp community has grown to more than 6,700 organisations who are committed to using business as a force for good.