Inclusive Leader Resources

To complement your recent Inclusive Leader programme, we have curated a number of resources across a spread of topics that may offer you additional support/information. Should you wish to feedback on any of these resources, please do get in touch and we’ll ensure to take your comments into consideration.

Meet a selection of our Accredited Coaches

Pragmatic executive coaching delivered by accredited coaches.


“What a valuable way to spend 90 minutes. Having not had any formal coaching before I was unsure how the session would go, but I came out feeling empowered with some great tools to manage work/life balance more effectively and felt validated in the decision I had made to date.”

Parental Leaver, 1:1 Coaching, Technology

“I’m really glad that I made time for this workshop, it was very informative and good to be able to speak in an open and confidential environment with people that understand what it is like to return to work, after having a child. I think we are all very fortunate that we have this resource.”

Parental Leaver, Workshop Participant, Investment Bank

“There was a good opportunity for audience participation and I got a sense you could ask off topic questions and they would be addressed which was great. One of the best things about courses like this is the feeling you are not alone- keep it up. Thank you.”

Expectant Parent, Webinar Participant, Financial Services

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