• United Kingdom
Area of expertise
  • Developing Leaders
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  • Women in the Workplace
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  • Working Parents

Coaching Style

Mary aims to ask the powerful questions with compassion, act as an accountability partner and facilitate learning to empower her clients. Mary is solution focussed and future oriented, giving her clients space to think about what matters to them. Mary takes her work very seriously because life can be challenging, however she is also a big believer in playfulness and humour. Mary encourages new perspectives through curiosity, providing energy and motivation when clients need support

Coaching Specialisms

  • Recognised as one of the Most Influential Disabled People in the UK (Power List 100 for 2020 & 2018)
  • Working to ensure a more inclusive world for everyone and is an independent wheelchair user herself.
  • Decades of lived experience as a full time female leader in a 24/7/365 tech industry and the multiple barriers encountered.
  • Working with professionals to be their authentic self in a society which often is not inclusive or open minded.

Training & Qualifications

  • 120 hours of classroom based coach training
  • Member of Association for Coaching
  • Level 2 Certificate in Inclusion and Diversity
  • Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®)
  • Level 2 training in Adult Safeguarding.

Current Clients

As a wheelchair user, Mary uses opportunities to normalise disability in business by promoting awareness and inclusion, and how to act on it. Mary wants businesses to recognise the value in having a diverse workforce which reflects the customers being served and the society in which we all live. She also advocates for women in STEM and equality for all oppressed communities. Mary is currently coaching professional people (both disabled and non-disabled) in a variety of sectors including aviation, technology, and education.


"Coaching with Mary is a subtle and rewarding experience. I noticed that after each session I was more motivated, had clearer goals and generally felt lifted and more enthusiastic about facing life’s challenges. Mary brings such a wealth of experience, empathy and good-humoured enthusiasm to every session that it is impossible not to leave feeling better than when you started."

"You changed me from a mouse to a lion."

"Mary is a dynamic and inspiring coach. She is particularly encouraging and helpful in terms of giving others confidence in themselves. She has a lovely manner and is informative and fun to work with."

"I had four coaching sessions with Mary. It was a great experience for me as it helped me overcome some professional challenges and provided me with support throughout a new career journey."