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Area of expertise
  • Developing Leaders
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  • Working Parents
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  • Women in the Workplace

Coaching Style

Following the main principle “what can come from the client shouldn’t come from the consultant”, makes her use visioning, powerful questions and deep listening as the main elements of her approach with clients. Unconditional acceptance helps clients feel safe and supported in the process of diving into their role, values, areas for development and moving through challenging situations. When there is a lack of experience and knowledge, Marija does not hesitate to share tools, experience and knowledge new to the client. This situational approach shows that she is very client and mission oriented: she dedicated her business life to people, teams and organizations’ improvements, better functionality and higher success.

Another crucial aspect of her approach is to focus not so much on what happened on session itself as what will happen or did happen between two sessions, supporting a client in that sense to become self-sustained as soon as possible and achieve practical and emotional benefit of the coaching or other service efficiently.

Marija is always looking at long distant goals and benefits of the client. Her approach is very process oriented and takes into consideration the whole system of the client and context of wanted change, by connecting the dots into one whole.

Coaching Specialisms

What Marija’s clients find important for them is that she is having in mind both their business success and their well-being. Her clients are satisfied with her neutrality and faith in their potential. She believes in process so her patience, positivity and goal orientation help them stay open minded and committed on their development path.

They can rely on her holistic and systematic approach, since Marija is using a combination of different methodology in coaching and providing a variety of consulting services. That is why she puts at first-place clients’ needs and goals and yet then she chooses tools and techniques that will serve the clients best. Although she is mainly using a pure coaching approach, there are occasions when clients need mentoring, so her experience in entrepreneurship, leadership and management, as well as experience as a parent or woman in business gives her base for sharing her both good and bad practices. For the purpose of mentoring, her 20 year long experience in delivering training and workshops in approximately 50 leadership and soft skills areas gives opportunity to the client to get support and inputs in their particular development needs, when needed.

Training & Qualifications

  • ICF certificate for PCC level
  • Primer and Advance education for Erickson coaching: „The Art and Science of Coaching“ I-V modules
  • Variety of education in team coaching
  • SVEB2 certification for advanced level of training for trainers and development of adults by key Swiss institution for adult education
  • Ken Blanchard accreditation for trainings and coaching in “Team Leadership”, in “SLII” “Building Trust”, “Optimal Motivation” etc
  • “Practicing Coaching” – certification by Olde Vechte Foundation, Nederland
  • „Coaching and consultancy“– certified by Sari van Poelje (TA from Netherlands)
  • HR Training (Programme of EBRD):
  • Gestalt (psychotherapy approach) workshops
  • Transactional analysis in organizations – Coaching and consultancy, trainer: Sari van Poelje (from Netherlands)
  • Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade, specialization in Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Program of SEELI (South- Eastern European Leadership Institute) organized by State Department and held in Wake Forest University, USA
  • Cognitive Management of organization and Human Resource Management; trainers from the Cognitive Management Institute from Germany
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), trainer Dave Spenceley (from UK)
  • Associate fellowship for Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy (REBT psychotherapist) – license given from Dr Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA.
  • Primary (101) and advanced level (202) of Transactional Analysis; trainer: Marina Banic TA psychotherapist under supervision
  • NGO “Nansen center” series of training for trainers: Conflict resolution and peace building; Nonviolent communication; Mediation and negotiation; Team work and team building; NGOs and making projects; Found rising, nonviolent language of “The Giraffes”,   etc.
  • MA and BSc Psychology – Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade – Department of Psychology

Current Clients

  • Banks
  • Production (wide range of products)
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • FMCG
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Distribution
  • Agro business
  • Shared Service Centres
  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • HoReCa
  • Construction
  • Energy sector


"The six sessions I had with my ECC Coach changed my perspective of coaching. I was initially uncertain (and possibly sceptical) about the benefits of coaching but my coach read me very well and knew when to coax a response out from me by being encouraging and when to firmly push me to see the benefits of reframing some of my previously held positions."

Head of Legal, International Property Group

"Both from my personal experience of ECC’s approach, and from seeing the impact on our company I can particularly recommend their pragmatic approach and their insight into our collective and individual needs."

Senior Leader, Commercial Property Management and Investment Company

"The team is a pleasure to work with, consistently bringing expert advice and guidance, energy and professionalism to the partnership."

Diversity and Inclusion Executive, Multinational Investment Bank

"The coaches at ECC are commercial, pragmatic and highly focused. The coaching they provide on an individual basis has given valuable insight and helped our senior executives to gain greater perspective in terms of managing relationships, prioritising, strategic thinking, influencing and confidence."

Senior Leader, Multinational Retailing Company

"I found my ECC coaching sessions incredibly valuable - for the unique and necessary space I was seeking as a sole proprietor to feel heard, understood and connected to a peer in business. My coaching experience provided a safe space where I could be the real me, and provided a relationship I could truly trust. Thank you ECC."

Manager, Creative Retail Agency