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Kate Kardooni

Executive Coach

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Having over 20 years of financial and commercial experience in senior accounting and business management roles across media and financial institutions, Kate provides unique insight, as a Business Coach, working with individuals to achieve their own goals and objectives. Throughout her working life, Kate has gained a reputation for being a focused, empathetic and valued team player. Kate has also been a mentor within UBS in recent years, and taken responsibility for Finance training and development.

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Coaching Style

Her approachable, sympathetic approach to coaching allows her to help and support her clients with the key decisions they want to focus on. Her common-sense yet compassionate manner enables Kate to command respect from her clients, and she will encourage them patiently to reach their goals. Kate is known for listening attentively, and being organized in her planning and preparation.

Kate will design a coaching programme unique to the individual’s requirements, and will focus on understanding their objectives, career path, perceived strengths and development needs to build a framework for action and resolution of their goals. Kate is measured in her responses, taking account of all key facts, while contributing quiet insights. She is regarded as highly observant, reliable and patient when coaching others, and is fully focused on ensuring they reach their optimum outcome.


Training & Qualifications

Kate is a qualified Foundation Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching. Kate undertook her training with the Executive Coaching Consultancy, and already has a number of coaching clients going through different life and career transitions. Kate is also a qualified Chartered Accountant and Cambridge Graduate in Economics; a subject which she still has a passion for today, especially the role of women in UK business.