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Coaching Style

Jinny is integrative in her approach as she is informed by various disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and the latest research in Neuroscience. She adheres to a developmental process that serves as a guiding a philosophy in her coaching conversations. It is an evidence-based process rooted in the science of Adult Learning and Development where she –

Asks for meaning

Whilst this allows her to develop a contextual understanding of the client’s world, it offers the client, perhaps a first chance to tell their story unencumbered not only to another human being but sometimes also to themselves. This aids in undertaking some framing and reframing of the challenges and issues.

Builds a new perspective

This involves introduction of new perspectives and options that create a sense of new choices for the client. Such an exploration encourages the client to develop a holistic and a more encompassing view of not just the issues at hand but also of his/her orientation to life.

Creates a bridge

At this stage clients are enabled to move forward with a sense that their new perspectives and understanding are connected and relevant to their previously articulated reality.

Develops action

Here a plan is developed that details how new learning and perspectives will be brought forward in the client’s daily functioning. Henceforth, she supports the client in carefully implementing new learning and insights and through any new challenges that this may ensue until the end of the coaching program.


Jinny worked for an international training and development company operating from New Delhi, before moving to the UK where she pursued her Masters in Coaching and Development, whilst consulting and coaching across various verticals like renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, health and education.

In the UK, she coached and consulted with organizations such as AstraZeneca and Priory Healthcare. In India, she has coached teams and individuals at Vardhman (a textile manufacturing giant) and Sandhar Automotives (auto components manufacturing giant with plants in Spain and Mexico).  She has developed a particular interest in coaching female leaders in India, helping them succeed professionally and flourish, personally.

Training & Qualifications

With a Bachelors in Business Administration, over a decade of experience in the corporate sector (both in India and the UK) and a Masters in Coaching and Development (Oxford Brookes University, UK) she is ideally placed to understand the challenges of corporate life in global organisations and have the expertise to devise interventions to address them. She has been trained with Nancy Kline in the ‘Time to Think’ approach to coaching and facilitation. She has trained with Ernesto Spinelli in Existential Coaching.

Current Clients

Jinny currently lives in India and works as a coach for large multinationals. She has a special interest in start-up ecosystems. She is coaching co-founders of health start-ups and women entrepreneurs who are exploring start-up opportunities or are heading start-ups.


"The six sessions I had with my ECC Coach changed my perspective of coaching. I was initially uncertain (and possibly sceptical) about the benefits of coaching but my coach read me very well and knew when to coax a response out from me by being encouraging and when to firmly push me to see the benefits of reframing some of my previously held positions."

Head of Legal, International Property Group

"Both from my personal experience of ECC’s approach, and from seeing the impact on our company I can particularly recommend their pragmatic approach and their insight into our collective and individual needs."

Senior Leader, Commercial Property Management and Investment Company

"The team is a pleasure to work with, consistently bringing expert advice and guidance, energy and professionalism to the partnership."

Diversity and Inclusion Executive, Multinational Investment Bank

"The coaches at ECC are commercial, pragmatic and highly focused. The coaching they provide on an individual basis has given valuable insight and helped our senior executives to gain greater perspective in terms of managing relationships, prioritising, strategic thinking, influencing and confidence."

Senior Leader, Multinational Retailing Company

"I found my ECC coaching sessions incredibly valuable - for the unique and necessary space I was seeking as a sole proprietor to feel heard, understood and connected to a peer in business. My coaching experience provided a safe space where I could be the real me, and provided a relationship I could truly trust. Thank you ECC."

Manager, Creative Retail Agency