• United Kingdom
Area of expertise
  • Developing Leaders

Coaching Style

Jessica works collaboratively and sees the coaching relationship as a partnership of equals. She holds a safe space for her clients and encourages fearless self exploration, with curiosity, without judgement. She adapts her coaching approach to suit the person in front of her, with sensitivity to their specific goals, organisational context and preferences.

She often works with a systemic lens to support clients in navigating the complexity of relationship, team and organisational dynamics. Based on her study of somatics, neuroscience and stress physiology, she invites awareness of the body to help clients manage how they respond to pressure and the impact of their personal presence on others.

Clients comment on the clarity, confidence and deeper insights they gain from working with Jessica. They appreciate her dynamic and creative coaching style and her calm, grounded presence.

Coaching Specialisms

  • Creatives, technologists and specialists in leadership roles
  • Clear vision, direction and decision making
  • Self awareness, personal impact and presence
  • Cultivating successful working relationships, managing teams, managing up
  • Maintaining equilibrium and wellbeing under pressure and through big transitions
  • Sustainable work habits and creating the conditions for leaders and teams to thrive
  • Supporting idealists, activists and change agents working towards a better future for everyone

Training and Qualifications

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Organisation & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC)
  • Licensed Firework Career Coach
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

Current Clients

  • King

Past clients include leaders and managers across technology, creative and social impact sectors in global organisations, SMEs and startups.


"Jessica is intuitive and great to work with, she takes time to get to know and understand you as well as challenge you in a way that works individually for you. My circumstances were changing and she was supportive and adapted brilliantly to my needs. Her supportive coaching has helped me reconnect with my confidence, understand what values are important to me in the workplace and what I need to aim for. "

Creative Director, Entertainment Industry

"Jessica helped me re-build my inner confidence and recognise the values that I hold dearest. I think I was truly lost at the beginning of our journey and she helped guide me along a path to a happier, more fulfilled me by challenging and and re-focusing my direction. I always enjoyed our sessions as Jessica has a lovely, calming manner with the ability to see the opportunities that you sometimes overlook or ignore. She’s always extremely professional whilst maintaining a relaxed conversational manner that immediately puts you at ease. "

Design Director, Marketing Industry

"I engaged with Jessica to help see me through a decision-point in my career and help me define a path for the next stage in life. Jessica created a trusting and personal atmosphere in which I could be open and honest whilst exploring my career history, professional relationships, my successes & failures and my ambitions & fears. She provided thought-provoking exercises that encouraged me to self-reflect and challenged me to question long-held assumptions, that were often lazy or out-of-date, to seek a deeper, more meaningful understanding of who I am & what motivates me. Her super-power during our time together was to distil our sessions down into the essence of what was important to me, which brought clarity and focus to my thinking. From this I developed a framework for decision-making that reflects my fundamental values. This enables me to act decisively with the confidence that I am being my authentic self and can therefore seize the right opportunities when they come along."

Group Technology Program Director, XR Industry