Jacqueline Chadwick
RegionUnited Kingdom
Area of expertise
  • Developing Leaders
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Working Parents

Jacqueline Chadwick

Executive Coach

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Whilst I don’t profess to be an expert in many things, there is no question that learning to navigate the world going forward is something everyone has to do. How can leaders help themselves, their employees and their businesses to thrive in the face of pandemic stress, burnout, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and other challenges? I’m a strong believer in taking time to think, adapting quickly and creating fellow leaders despite the VUCA that surrounds. My job as your 1-1 or team coach is to help you to hone these skills to get your desired results, with the deep human know-how we will develop together.

When I’m not working, I love the sunshine, geek out about psychology and enjoy HIIT, practicing yoga and playing with my two young children.

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Coaching Style

My approach is founded on building a candid, yet psychologically safe relationship. I believe self-mastery happens most radically and sustainably through a greater connection with the person you really are, your youest you. When this happens, anything is possible.  This requires us both to show up and work hard.

From this grounding, I draw on my Organisation Development experience to help you to find the path that connects your goals with the organisational objectives by deeply understanding your landscape inside and out.  Throughout our work, clients have described me as “Never afraid to call it out, challenge and ask the difficult questions.  It always gets the brain thinking and no doubt that my better ideas have come from being given this greater awareness” – Head of Investment Banking.

Coaching Specialisms

  • Team coaching – This is a non-negotiable for high performance and effective decision-making, especially in these remote-working times where trust easily erodes and feeling connected hangs on by a delicate thread. Through a systematic and live-learning method, we develop insights, practical tools and processes for growth, acutely tapping into the systemic interdependencies.
  • Team dynamics – I have worked as a thinking partner for Executive Leadership Teams and Boards throughout their life cycle, across a range of business functions in Financial Services, Manufacturing and Third Sector Social Enterprises. We work to dig below the surface of what seems to be happening to what is really happening in the dynamics of teams.
  • Culture Reset – Codifying what culture exists and surfacing what may be required to adapt to the future world of work and your wider landscape.
  • Tension and Conflict – Well-versed in the tension leaders face between showing empathy and flexibility for people whilst also driving a commercial imperative and tackling difficult conversations with efficacy.
  • Working parents in positions of influence.

Training & Qualifications

  • Accredited as an Executive Coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) at Senior Practitioner level.
  • Credentialed with the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Analytic-Network Coach
  • Skilled in Systemic Team Coaching (AoEC)
  • BA in Psychology, and an MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology
  • Post-graduate certificate in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Over the past 20 years, Jacqueline has lived, worked and trained across the US, UK and Australia. She’s a native New Yorker and have lived in London since 2005.

Current Clients

Banking, Private Equity, Wealth Management, Insurance, Senior/Executive Women in transitional roles.