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Area of expertise
  • Developing Leaders
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  • Women in the Workplace

Coaching Style

Personal development and deeper growth have always been at the heart of Gillian’s work and approach. Gillian walks alongside clients, creating a respectful, professional partnership, working together in an exploration of self-awareness, self-discovery and self-belief. Seeing clients as experts of their own life, Gillian invites clients to pause, breathe, reflect, think, gain clarity, take back their power, choose, and to be comfortable with being vulnerable, brave and daring.

She works with a simple beginning, middle and end framework which enables clients’ thinking to ebb and flow. She sees clients as experts in their own life and therefore empowers them to decide the agenda and choose what happens. Gillian works with others, rather than doing it for them. She believes clients are perfectly capable and more creative than they often think at coming up with solutions.

Gillian balances support and challenge, encouraging clients into their stretch zone. She is very comfortable with silence, believes in the power of reflection, and naturally creates a thinking environment so clients can gain clarity for themselves. She invites clients to face challenges and barriers, and supports them to question their own beliefs and assumptions. She notices what clients say, and what they don’t, and follows the breadcrumbs clients lay out with curiosity, asking what the clues are telling them always in service of learning, forward movement and progress.

“I tune into what I am sensing in my gut, feeling in my heart, and wondering about in my head, and combine that with what’s going on for you to see what we can learn together. I am empathic, and treat what’s discussed with care, respect and in a non-judgemental way. I am very comfortable with others’ emotions, and will encourage you to be comfortable being yourself with me.”

The words clients most commonly use to describe Gillian’s approach are: supportive & challenging, structured & flexible, empowering & adult:adult, deep & calm, warm & non-judgemental.

Coaching Specialisms

  • Building self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief
  • Gaining clarity around identity, purpose, and values
  • Climbing out of the conditioning and expectations placed on us
  • Improving mental wellbeing and resilience
  • Thriving in life and work uncertainty, disruption, change and transitions
  • Improving personal and working relationships

Training & Qualifications


  • Diploma in Coaching accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Diploma in Coaching Supervision accredited by the AC (Association for Coaching)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology
  • Certificates in TA (Transactional Analysis) 101 and TA 102
  • Certificate in Training Practice, CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)


  • ICF credentialed ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • Chartered Member of the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development)

Current Clients

In addition to a wealth of experience as an Internal Coach and Coaching Supervisor within the retail sector, Gillian has gone on to work with clients, at all role levels, from across a number of sectors including the private, public and charity sectors. She has worked closely with employees spanning:

  • Charity e.g. MIND, British Paralympic Association, SeeAbility
  • Comms e.g. Google, British Telecommunications
  • Education e.g. The Open University, various schools
  • Energy e.g. Eon-Next, Wartsila
  • Engineering e.g. EPAM Systems, Hall & Kay Fire Engineering
  • Financial Services e.g. Lloyds Banking Group, ING
  • Healthcare e.g. The NHS
  • Professional Services e.g. Accenture, OLX Group
  • Tech e.g. Ocado, Salesforce
  • Tourism e.g. Visit Scotland
  • Transportation & Logistics e.g. Maersk


"Gillian had an incredibly warm and calming presence from the start, which was hugely important in helping me relax. Gillian has this amazing skill in picking up on subtle threads/trends during the conversation and then allowing me to surface them with new perspectives - every time this led to a level of deeper thinking that I’d not known was there, leading to more meaningful actions and outcomes."

Senior Manager, Accenture

"Gillian instantly created an environment and relationship with me where I felt I could be open and honest without any judgement. She could push and challenge me on my thinking in a way I haven’t been able to do on my own, in an environment where I had complete trust. As a result, I have grown in confidence, am more self-aware, and more content. Gillian helped me build the skills to be able to do this type of thinking on my own, skills I genuinely use on a daily basis."

Head of Strategic Financial Planning, Co-op

"Gillian is a truly exceptional coach who I cannot recommend enough. She has a unique skill in listening carefully and being able to sift through the words to pull out the things driving thoughts and feelings. She really helped me get back on my feet at a time when I was lacking direction and a sense of purpose, to know where I am so much clearer and feel more resilient to navigating personal and business challenges."

Employee Proposition Manager, John Lewis Partnership

"I feel we instantly bonded, I felt really comfortable and trusted Gillian. She listened intently, provided great feedback, and a safe environment. She enabled me to come up with great solutions to my problems and I am now fully capable of resolving anything in my path. I am more confident and have the tools to tackle issues with a positive attitude. This has helped me to achieve more by having better, more constructive conversations with my peers and team leaders which has increased KPI results."

Operations Manager, EON Next

"I worked with Gillian when I was uncertain about my career path. She helped me to identify some of the things that were holding me back, giving me the skills to challenge some of the beliefs I had in order to try and overcome them. Gillian immediately put me at ease with her calmness, understanding and her sense of humour. I would highly recommend Gillian!"

Senior Director, Ipsos Mori

"Inspiring, thoughtful, kind, generous and patient - Gillian helped me to rediscover my mojo following (and during) a period of significant change in my life. She worked with me to focus on both the current activities to get me through as well as the longer term solutions to succeed. Each session gave me a new sense of purpose, confidence and focus on creating my new beautiful future."

Associate Dean, Teesside University

"Gillian puts you at ease very quickly and she is genuinely interested in helping you to succeed. She doesn't make everything easy for you but makes you think and come up with solutions, and also questions what's behind things, a lot! I believe it has helped me to respond to feedback more effectively and be clearer about my future path, and I am much more confident in what I can achieve."

Senior HR professional