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We were the first organisation to introduce Maternity Coaching into UK businesses…in 2005! That’s more than a decade of Parental Transition Coaching (we recognised very early on that we needed to change the name) making us pioneers and leaders in this field.

We work with many leading organisations, helping to improve their talent pipeline and realise their diversity strategies. We help companies provide comprehensive support to new parents, with proven positive impact on the attraction, retention and development of key individuals. We are also able to support the well-being of new parents at a potentially vulnerable point in their lives.

Parental Transition Coaching has positive impact on retention and career reengagement. In fact, a leading investment bank saw its female retention rates rise from 70% to over 90% following the introduction of parental transition coaching.

Not only this, 98% of the coachees we have coached, who have received Parental Transition Coaching, would recommend this programme to others. 

Who is it for?

Our programmes are designed to help expectant or new working parents to successfully manage their journey to parenthood in the context of their professional lives.

Whether you are a mother or a father expecting a baby or managing one of your direct reports going through this transition, our coaches are here to ease the transition and provide valuable support throughout the process.

We are also able to provide support to those parents adopting or going through surrogacy.

Key Benefits

How it Works

We provide three different delivery mechanisms to choose from, often recommending a blended learning approach which combines these methods to suit the needs of all employees, ensuring that an inclusive and flexible programme is in place.

1:1 coaching

This is a highly effective programme of 3-5 sessions of independent and confidential executive coaching designed to support individuals as they consider all key aspects of a successful parental transition.

Workshops / Webinars

Workshops or webinars are effective where you have several individuals going through the transition at a similar point in time. We offer workshops / webinars for each stage of the transition. These sessions are designed to be informal and interactive and give participants time to reflect and plan.


Parental transition coaching helps organisations to retain and crucially develop the talents of individuals during the pivotal life change of becoming a parent, helping them to a smoother re-entry into their organisation.

It addresses the gender pay gap by tackling the maternity penalty that women can experience and enables organisations to develop role models who inspire and lead the way.

Investing in these programmes demonstrates your active commitment to mothers and fathers and helps to position organisations as being ahead of the curve in supporting working parents. 98% of our clients coachees who have received Parental Transition Coaching would recommend this programme to others.


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