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ECC research on returners has shown that the manager relationship is highly significant. 87% of respondents rated their manager as being the most important factor in determining their successful return.

93% of parental coachees surveyed agreed that managers should be coached as part of their transition process. Our manager programmes give managers the confidence to handle their team member’s transition to becoming a parent with empathy and insight.

Who is this for?

Whether you are a manager with years of experience managing parental leavers or you are new to this experience, having the opportunity to talk about the transition is critical to ensuring its success as everyone reacts in very different ways. The manager programme lets managers air their concerns and outline their approach to managing their direct reports transition with a coach who has specialist knowledge in this area and can provide appropriate support and challenge.

Key Benefits

How it Works

1:1 Manager Coaching

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions, one before they leave and one afterwards
  •  Confidential sessions allowing for psychological and practical discussions
  • Up to date best practice and advice from the coach
  • Managers get the chance to discuss personal development of their team member given the changing context.

Workshops & Webinars

  • 60-90-minute sessions, face to face or 1-hour webinar
  •  The opportunity to share experiences of managing the impact of a leaver on their team with other managers
  •  Discuss practical matters of communication, handover, wider team implications
  • Managers learn best practice and latest thinking in the sphere of managing parents, flexible working and changing attitudes to careers.


Research, together with our experience of working with thousands of parents, has shown the significance of the manager’s role in ensuring a successful parental transition. In a City survey of parental coachees, 93% agreed that managers should also be coached as part of their transition process.

Through this programme managers better understand the impact that they have on the retention and development of their direct reports. They have the opportunity and time to focus on the pending departure or imminent return of their employee and the part they can play in managing this transition successfully for both the individual and the team. 100% of the managers we have coached would recommend this programme to others.


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