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Life is intense, both work and family. Integrating the two is a real concern for so many of us. 2015 Hewitt's 'Trends in Employee Engagement study' found that over 1/3 of employees reported that they didn’t have the work life balance they wanted.

Learning how to continuously calibrate work and family helps to focus on what really counts and can allow both career and family to flourish.

Who is it for?

This programme is aimed at individuals who are juggling a successful career with the demands of family life.  Whether they have recently returned from parental leave, are parents of older children, or have caring responsibilities for others, managing a demanding career and family can be a significant challenge. We address this challenge and help individuals to thrive personally and professionally.


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How it works

1:1 Coaching

  • Three confidential sessions over a four to six-month period
  • Establish personal priorities, personality type, strengths and career priorities
  • Explore future aspirations and the right home/work equilibrium
  • Develop coping strategies beyond the coaching programme

Workshop / Webinar

  • Face to face workshops or webinar group sessions
  • A focus on establishing priorities in work and personal life
  • Learn to manage their own and others’ expectations
  • Tips for self-management and boundary setting
  • Strategy to move career and personal development 


Providing this type of support for your employees sends a very strong message that you believe in investing in your team’s well-being.  It helps to both attract and retain key talent and positions you as a forward thinking organisation.

We know that workplace burnout and stress are now worldwide epidemics. These issues require us to continuously re-establish our equilibrium and find a sustainable way of working to ensure optimal performance and well-being.


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