Before you started your family you may have found yourself working long days, allowing them to be ‘elastic’ stretching into the evening at times, and that this wasn’t too much of a problem to cope with. However, on becoming a working parent you’ve probably found your focus has changed, whether you are trying to juggle childcare, want time with your child, or are just trying to manage your energy. Keeping to routines and tighter timeframes could be critical for you now, and that can include leaving the office earlier than you have been used to.

The good news is that most of us can be more efficient with our time at work – studies have shown that new parents who return to work after parental leave are 20% more effective! The longer day might have made things easier and been more sociable, but not necessarily resulted in getting more work done.

So how can you manage a less elastic day? Read on to see our top tips infographics.