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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Insights

How to support your working parents

In this area, you’ll find our latest research and thought pieces along with external resources to help you develop robust strategies to support and retain your working parents and caregivers.

The Parental Fog Cross-Industry Index Report 2021

It’s been three years since ECC launched the first Parental Fog Index.  We created the report to make employers aware of the need to openly support working parents and actively market that support as part of their talent management and gender balance strategies. Three years on, what progress has been made? What employers have risen in the rankings, which have fallen, and why? Access your copy now.
DEI Insights

Strategy Guide Working Parents | The Executive Coaching Consultancy

Download our strategy guide to help your organisation formulate their plans around supporting & retaining your working parent employees. We draw on our team’s extensive experience in working with clients in this area.

Empathy: Key to Inclusion | Executive Coaching Consultancy

One of the most misleading beliefs about workplace diversity and inclusion is that if the rational benefits of greater inclusivity are explained, alongside how unconscious biases could be influencing our behaviours – that armed with this information, we will change.
To Lead ‘Well’ is to Lead Inclusively

To Lead ‘Well’ is to Lead Inclusively

Inclusive leadership. Psychological safety. Empathy. Diversity. Unconscious bias. Equity. So many buzzwords! It feels like every few months there’s a new slogan in the field of diversity & inclusion touting itself as the ‘missing link’ or the ‘key’ to creating diverse, innovative, and productive teams. It’s almost overwhelming – and that’s where the problem lies.
DEI Insights

Where are all our Female Leaders?

In our recently published Explainer Document & Strategy Guide, our Insights team break down why there are so few women in leadership positions. We provide you with embeddable actions and quick wins for both you and your organisation to combat the issue of gender disparity.
Before Leave Checklist
Managing Working Parents & Carers

Before Leave: Manager Checklist

We’ve worked with thousands of managers of parental leavers over the last 25 years. This easy to digest checklist is a combination of our best practice tips and actions to consider. It's broken down in stages so you can quickly focus on what needs to be done depending on how soon your expectant parent is taking leave.

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