We’re passionate about what we do here at ECC and our solutions are rooted in decades of coaching experience and informed by the most expert research in the field. Our mission is to raise awareness and to spark conversations about what’s going on in the world of inclusion; how we got here and where we’re going so that we can help organisations change for the better.

It’s a really big area to tackle, but we’re committed to doing it, and doing it well, for the good of the individual and the benefit of the organisation.


Why are There so few Women in Leadership roles?

In this explainer document, we break down the issues contributing to the lack of women in leadership roles in a straightforward and informative way so that it’s easy to digest the nuances of the challenge’s women face when advancing in their careers.  We explore the role of second-generation gender bias, the benefits of a gender diverse workplace, intersectionality, the maternity penalty, and the key role of fathers as allies. Read the explainer doc to progress your own and your organisation’s understanding of why gender disparity within organisations is so pervasive still today.

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Support & Retain your Female Talent

This ‘Strategy Guide’ outlines the most impactful and effective actions that you and your organisation can take to improve your female talent pipeline and help advance more women into leadership roles. Our recommendations have been split into ‘quick wins’ and ’embedded initiatives’ so that you can light many fires at multiple levels and take immediate action whilst also having an actionable plan for solutions that really get to the root of the issue. A must read for those in senior HR positions.

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