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5 Myths of Gender Equity | Executive Coaching Consultancy

Understanding the true landscape of gender equality can be challenging. This article debunks myths in gender equity, and is for those in the Diversity Equity Inclusion world who are open to learning from and embracing different perspectives.
DEI Insights

Advancing Gender Equity | Executive Coaching Consultancy

While the commitment to change may be genuine from employers, their actions don't always have the impact they hope for. In this article, ECC’s Client Experience Officer, Emma Spitz outlines the three questions that are critical for organisations that want to make impactful and effective change.
A graphic for the defintion of the Glass Ceiling

Glass Ceiling Explained

Read this summarised definition of The Glass Ceiling and how it prevents women from reaching senior leadership positions, particularly in corporate workplaces.

Understanding Talent Pools: The Conscious Quitters

By reimagining talent as the four different pools ECC has identified: The Boundaried Workers, The Overlooked, The Conscious Quitters and The Lost Leaders. Take note, these categories won’t cover every individual, and some individuals will be in more than one. Here we explain The Conscious Quitters.
A graphic for the definition of Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership | Executive Coaching Consultancy

Read this summarised definition to understand more about the concept of Inclusive Leadership and take action for your organisation...

The Parental Fog Cross-Industry Index Report 2022

At a time when there are fewer women available to promote, the majority of companies are failing in a basic measure of inclusion by not being clear about family-friendly policy for would be employees. Read our 2022 Parental Fog Index Cross Industry Report that ranks organisations on how transparent they are in supporting working parents.