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The Parental Fog Index 2021: Cross-Industry Report

The Parental Fog Cross-Industry Report 2021

Our third edition of the Parental Fog Index Cross-Industry report ranks the websites of the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers by how transparent their support is for working parents and acts as a benchmark tool for employers full of practical advice on how an employer can reach top “Beacon” status.
To lead 'well' is to lead inclusively

To Lead ‘Well’ is to Lead Inclusively

Inclusive leadership. Psychological safety. Empathy. Diversity. Unconscious bias. Equity. So many buzzwords! It feels like every few months there’s a new slogan in the field of diversity & inclusion touting itself as the ‘missing link’ or the ‘key’ to creating diverse, innovative, and productive teams. It’s almost overwhelming – and that’s where the problem lies.
Hybrid Working Requires Inclusive Leaders

Hybrid Working Won’t Work Without Inclusive Leaders

Hybrid working, if not done intentionally and methodically, could actually serve to exacerbate existing unconscious biases and end up being the ‘worst of both worlds’. This article advises you on what to look out for when implementing hybrid working policies, and gives tips and tricks for leaders to best manage their hybrid teams.
Dear boss, I quite picture

The Great Resignation… or The Great Opportunity?

Following on from the wake of Covid-19, global resignations have reached a record high.The psychological impact of the pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate what it is they truly want from their career, and are hyper-aware of whether their organisation is giving it to them.The job market has shifted and is now firmly favouring employees who know that if their current company doesn't offer them the 'new normal' of remote and flexible working, then somewhere else will. How then, can managers & leaders make sure their people stay on?