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Women’s networks are a great way to offer a forum for discussion and networking, inspiring and role modelling change. Whether these are formal or informal set ups, they help to keep discussions alive amongst like-minded colleagues. ECC is regularly involved in organisation’s Women’s Networking events, either leading or inputting to the discussion.

- We provide panel moderation or provide suitable panelists.
- We also have a seminar series ideal for breakfast, lunch or evening sessions with short burst learning or inspiration.
- We provide keynote speeches as a part of larger events where we draw on current, relevant research.

Who are these seminars for?

Thought provoking and stimulating, we encourage interaction and participation whether it’s a small gathering of 12 or a bigger event of up to 100. We tailor the content to make it suitable for all-female networks or other affinity networks.

Key Benefits

Seminar Offerings

*Some of these topics are available in webinar and longer workshop format.

Here are some examples of seminar topics. These sessions run for up to 90 minutes. Get in touch to discuss a Women’s Network session to find out more:

Thriving Personally & Professionally

Much of today’s research with successful professionals, men and women, tells us that balancing work life and personal life is a key career concern, and most of us feel we are walking a tightrope between the two critical parts of our lives.

This session has been designed to help you to consider what balance means for you and how to achieve it whilst still developing your career and following your ambitions. The session will help you to take more control of your personal and work life, to prioritise what’s important to help you, and to manage your own and others expectations. You will explore tips for self management and you will measure yourself against our career success model.

Effective Networking

Networking is a skill that every successful professional needs in their toolkit. This session will help you to develop your own personal network map and understand how to network in a natural and authentic way. The seminar will help you to build confidence and skills to open and close conversations and keep the momentum going as the conversation progresses. You will have an opportunity to consider your existing networks and map new contacts using an interesting and creative approach. Following this session, you will be ready to update your contacts and use your refreshed skills for improved results.

Building your Personal Brand

This title in itself presents an interesting dilemma – suggesting we envelope ourselves in a glossy package! At ECC we get the importance of managing your profile and building your reputation, but we don’t advocate adopting a ‘brand’. We approach this by helping you to truly engage with your identity, and to bring this clearly and confidently to the fore. We help you to explore what you want to be known for and how you want to be experienced. At that heart of these is the question WHY? – what’s really important to you at the end of the day? We look at both developing clarity in this and how practically to demonstrate this to others through all that you do.

Strengths & the Key to Peak Performance

One way to remain resourceful and resilient in a challenging, high performance workplace is to identify and play to your strengths. This seminar helps you to consider your unique strengths, to identify what stands out about you, and challenges you to look at how you are using your strengths. You will work out how to maximise your strengths at work to allow you to perform at your peak. You will also explore what overuse looks like and develop strategies to avoid this. Using our strengths wisely not only brings us successful results, but gives us energy and motivation, so if you are not making the most of yours then join us at this seminar and bring yours to the fore.

The Myths and Realities Around Confidence

The theme of gender and confidence provides an interesting topic for discussion allowing us to draw upon differing viewpoints and  research. We present some of the conflicting views from a range of reports and then to open the debate to the floor. We encourage personal viewpoints, past experiences, and relevant insights to enable us to broaden our understanding of the topic. We explore the impact of behavioural norms, social conditioning and organisational constructs to build gender intelligence and inclusive behaviours.

We finally take a look at strategies to build confidence for those times that we all need a boost.

Career Resilience

This seminar is designed to equip you with the right tools to manage a successful career. We explain what career resilience is and how to strengthen it by considering ‘fitness’ in three areas: job fitness, personal fitness, and career fitness. The first helps you to focus on the things that count, the second to deal with the trials and tribulations that life may spring upon you, and the third to be mindful of what you should spend more time on to aid your career in the longer term. You will be invited to think about what’s contributed to your success so far, what you’re motivated by and your key strengths so that you continue to capitalise on these in the future.

Exploring your Purpose in Career and Life

It is widely recognised that motivation and performance increase significantly when we work on things that have importance and meaning to us. But life is so full that we rarely have time to consider this and indeed take account of it as we go about our daily activities. This session is a chance to start that process, to step back and ask yourself some of the big questions about values and motivations, to reflect on the past, and to visualise the future doing what you love doing. We finish with helping you to consider what you can do to shape your career and life to make this a reality.

Thinking Differently about Failure

If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. Many forward-thinking companies are embracing an entrepreneurial culture and belief in the necessity of failure. Put simply, how can we put forward the bravest, most forward-thinking ideas if we are terrified of what failure means for us? On an individual level, many of us aren’t equipped with the tools to navigate personal and professional struggles. When we fail, rather than see it as a function of having dared greatly, we make up that we are a failure and that we aren’t good enough. What if we were to think differently about failure? What if we were to see it as a function of having tried? Of having been courageous? This session will explore a different perspective on failure along with some tools for picking ourselves back up again when the inevitable does happen. It is perhaps those that know that, if they fail, they can rise again (with learning and grace) that are able to be the bravest with their lives.


Women’s Networks give so much to both the members and the organisations. Knowledge, Networking, Creative Stimulation, Inclusiveness, the mandate for change…the list goes on. The case for affinity groups is sometimes questioned but we believe providing your female teams and like-minded groups with their own space to share ideas.

    keynote speakers

    Geraldine Gallacher

    Geraldine’s expertise is born of 21 years’ working with an exceptionally wide range of businesses and industries from fashion retail to Investment Banking. As a master coach she has become known for her advocacy of board diversity and helps organisations to increase their gender intelligence by introducing them to a range of coaching interventions designed to bolster the female pipeline in particular. She enjoys engaging men in the debate and presents on gender differences in career paths and the need for a balanced board to those predominantly male boards seeking to address this business challenge.  She is well attuned to the challenges faced by managers who have to balance their employees’ needs for flexibility with their company’s need for client responsiveness. Geraldine speaks regularly on the subject of “More women at the top” and "The Future of Gender Diversity".

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    Geraldine Gallacher


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