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It’s no secret that women are still largely under-represented on corporate boards globally.

Those that have successfully made it to the board or partnership can on occasion still find being in the minority a challenge. Getting there and being there can trigger a re-examination on quite a fundamental level.

Our coaches act as a sounding board. They are well-versed in the second-generation bias that can result in women - even those at board level - being overlooked for challenging assignments and ultimately not considered as CEO material. Our coaches help female leaders to hone their purpose and vision and access deep-down confidence in expressing it. In doing this they help female leaders to be ideal role models for young women coming through the system.

Who is this for?

This is for senior women in the workplace to provide a confidential space to share, reflect and plan their leadership strategy. We also coach aspiring female leaders to help them achieve board or partnership positions.

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How it Works

How Executive Coaching Works

Introduction Meeting

To understand the individual’s context and goals. The coaching process and confidentiality are discussed, and this meeting provides an essential ‘chemistry check’ – to ensure a strong relationship will develop.

Coaching Objectives

Encompassing both short term goals and longer-term aspirations. Where appropriate the individual’s manager will be included in a three-way meeting at the outset and on completion of coaching.

Flexible Structure

A format determined by the client’s agenda and needs, but often 5-7 sessions lasting two hours spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Bespoke Interventions

To raise awareness, reflect on strengths and challenges, and focus action. Coaches draw upon an extensive range of psychological tools and methodologies to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved (including Myers Briggs, stakeholder feedback, and positive psychology).

On-Going Evaluation & Support

To produce realistic and effective strategies for action, ensuring sustained change long after their coaching has finished.  With the added value of phone and email support that an individual can tap into as required.


Women from our executive coaching programmes describe feeling “emboldened” and “inspired” to follow through their leadership vision.

Being coached helps them to resist the temptation to absorb the total domestic load and prepares them for more challenging conversations at home, with partners and teenagers

Developing a world view beyond the immediate job can add meaning to what they do and provide a further outlet for their purpose.

    keynote speakers

    Geraldine Gallacher

    Geraldine’s expertise is born of 21 years’ working with an exceptionally wide range of businesses and industries from fashion retail to Investment Banking. As a master coach she has become known for her advocacy of board diversity and helps organisations to increase their gender intelligence by introducing them to a range of coaching interventions designed to bolster the female pipeline in particular. She enjoys engaging men in the debate and presents on gender differences in career paths and the need for a balanced board to those predominantly male boards seeking to address this business challenge.  She is well attuned to the challenges faced by managers who have to balance their employees’ needs for flexibility with their company’s need for client responsiveness. Geraldine speaks regularly on the subject of “More women at the top” and "The Future of Gender Diversity".

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    Geraldine Gallacher


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