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Our research undertaken in 2014 concluded that there was a need to create and provide a bespoke Early Career Female Leadership programme. Our ‘Accelerate’ programme has now successfully run across multiple sectors and geographies using either an interactive or virtual approach.

‘Accelerate' encourages women to gain a greater understanding of the ‘second generation’ biases and how this can influence their behaviours and the dynamics of their interactions. We provide evidence based insights along with the neuroscience behind issues such as confidence, networking and influencing. We show the ways that women can leverage this understanding and use it to move ahead. This understanding rather than reinforcing any sense of being a ‘casualty' of the context, instead empowers them to navigate this landscape towards success.

100% of Participants

Would recommend the Accelerate programme to their colleagues


Over 24 Months, 69% of participants on ECC Programmes took on extra responsibilities or were promoted



Over 24 months, 88% of Participants on ECC programmes remained with the organisation

Who is this for?

Accelerate is designed for professional women early in their careers. This programme creates a space for reflection on the challenges women face today and a space for them to build on their strengths.

In short, Accelerate grows future female leaders.

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How it works

Interactive Workshops

Typically run as 3 full days, the programme uses a blend of group workshops and one to one coaching sessions with exercises for individual reflection, to help integrate practical actions back in the workplace. The programme can be run virtually as a good alternative to in-person interactive workshops.

Content is designed around ECC’s Career Success Model and typically features sponsor presentations, a Role Model Panel, reverse mentoring and the opportunity for participants to share their ideas with the organisation for what would help enhance female career progression.

We are known for our ability to tailor the content to each client ensuring that it is an integral part of the overall diversity and inclusion strategy.

Virtual Workshops 

As an alternative to the in-person interactive workshops. They are designed:

  • For small groups
  • To take full advantage of the technology available
  • For participant accountability
  • With mixed content and activities to keep the day refreshing

The blended approach includes:

  • Setting up a workflow group: Allows materials to be sent in real time.
  • Enables participants to complete exercises away from their screens
  • Breaks and exercises away from the screen
  • Mobile peer coaching discussions
  • ECC email hotline

Our preferred platform to use is Zoom, however we can also run the virtual workshop on different platforms.

Key Features of the Programme

Sponsor Endorsement

to share the organisation’s strategy for gender balance so that it is clear that the programme is part of a diversity initiative and not an activity focused on ‘fixing the women’.

Role Model Panel

to provide inspiring stories from colleagues, both men and women a few levels above who share their career journey and can demonstrate how they have progressed their career alongside a busy life in general.

Manager Involvement

to engage and provide support to the programme and its outputs. We help them to hold critical career conversations with their participants.

Men as Allies

to help participants to have structured conversations with male colleagues, encouraging them to engage with the gender debate and champion diversity.

An Opportunity for the Women

to share their ideas on what more the organisation could do to support the female career, helping them to have a voice and feel empowered.


The Accelerate programme helps aspiring female leaders to:

  • Gain increased self-awareness and resilience
  • Develop leadership style and practices that fits their personality
  • Identify personal strengths and how to play to them
  • Understand how to build a successful career network.

Our Accelerate programmes help organisations to build their pipeline of future female leaders, supporting career advancement and retaining top talent.

During the period since the introduction of Career Directions (2014-2017) at Herbert Smith Freehills London, the proportion of female attrition within the associate population has reduced from 22.6% to 13.6%. – Learning & Development Manager, Global Law Firm


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