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The typical career path is being reconfigured and transitions in and out of careers are becoming much more common. Re-joining the workplace after a significant career break can be challenging and Returnships, previously aimed at women, have been seen as a viable recruitment tool to bring back experienced talent.

10 years on, organisations are looking for career returners, men and women, who stepped out of the workplace for many different reasons. Our Resume programme is designed to reach this pool of talent. We know that with the right encouragement, support and navigation, returners are able to resume their careers, and bring back with them a strong skill set, a proven work record, a broad perspective and unquestionable reliability.

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Who is the Resume Programme for?

Resume is for experienced individuals who have taken a significant career break for a range of reasons. Returning to work after an extended break can be daunting and our coaches provide support during the induction and the early months, as well as preparing their managers for this different type of new starter.

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How does it work?

We run conference, workshops and 1:1 coaching to enable you to re-recruit this talent pool, and work alongside your internal teams to help you successfully on board these returners. We provide individual and group coaching support to returners and their managers to ensure a smooth transition back to the workplace.


The resume programme helps organisations to:

•  Reach out directly to this untapped talent pool of high performing individuals

•  Recruit from a group known to be highly engaged in their new career opportunity

•  Ensure these recruits are supported in the early days to deliver successfully

•  Balance the new thinking of more recently developed talent with the wisdom of more experienced thinkers

•  Contribute to corporate social responsibility goals

•  Meet diversity aims

The resume programme helps individuals to:

•  Recognise the enhanced value of the broader perspective they have from outside of the workplace

•  Identify the strengths they bring back and how they can apply them

•  Develop resilience and manage vulnerability

•  Feel better prepared and confident to return to work

•  Set a vision and action plan for their return


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