Women in the Workplace

Gender equality. More and more companies are committed to it. Companies that understand that diversity builds a stronger organisation and more sustainable culture. In most cases, change is slow and complex and involves a systemic shift within the organisation. Unconscious Bias training has raised awareness but not solved the problem.

Changing the system requires the input of men and our focus very much revolves around engaging men as allies. However, we do believe in providing women with a dedicated space in which to recognise their leadership potential.

Of course, women don’t need training to fix the problem, but they do need focused support to work on their leadership identity and find their purpose. This means providing women with the opportunity to discuss notions such as the double bind and where they can consider feedback on confidence and leadership ability through a gender lens. At ECC we’ve developed the 6 stages of the female career model and provide targeted supported at the key stages.  


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