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Businesses today need a talent strategy that engages, retains, develops and supports the people you need for it to thrive, not just survive. Top companies recognise that building inclusive and diverse organisations – with the right support programmes alongside systemic interventions – helps benefit their bottom-line rewards, and reap the innovation that comes with happier and better supported people.

We’ve worked with hundreds of multinational organisations to re-introduce lost talent back into the workforce. Our programmes drive change by addressing unique barriers employees face through multiple avenues, including; an Accelerate programme for young female talent, Support for Culturally & Ethnically Diverse employees, a Path to Return through our Resume programme, and Parental Transition Coaching for parents, managers & carers.


“My ECC Coach is a thoughtful coach who mindfully empowers you by asking challenging questions and encouraging you to explore your own path. This balanced approach helps you to look at things differently so that you can develop resilience. More than a one off session, my coach has enabled me to make a long-lasting change in my professional life and emotional well-being at work.”

Coachee, Media Agency

“I would really recommend ECC. It’s so tailored that I think it’s invaluable to anybody. My ECC coach made me feel at ease, gave me ideas and clarity of thought while being encouraging.”

Coachee, Multinational Law Firm

” I found the session to be informative, direct, practical, challenging and supportive. Exactly what I needed at just the right time.”

Manager, International Media Group

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