Maternity/Paternity Manager Sessions

‘We offer manager coaching prior to the leave and at/just after the return to work.  It’s not just the women returners who benefit from managers attending coaching. Managers themselves report that spending time discussing the issues really helps them to understand what their employee is experiencing, productivity is greatly improved and they apply what they learn across the team. Managers often expect their coaching sessions to be all about the employee and are surprised how much it’s about them and how they operate.’
HR Manager, Leading Investment Bank

The decision to return to work after having a baby is a complex one and research tells us that 60% of women are unsure about the decision to stay or leave. How the organisation supports them through the process can help them remain engaged, and research has shown that the line manager relationship is the most significant factor in retaining maternity returners. At ECC, we believe that providing coaching to managers at the time of their employees’ maternity leave is critical in helping them to understand and manage their impact in a positive way.

Support for before and after leaving

We offer two 1:1 coaching sessions; one prior to maternity/paternity leave and one afterwards where we help parents plan and carry out a smooth transition between being on leave and getting back to work. This includes knowing how to communicate with colleagues and superiors as well as the discussion of ongoing career development.

From our experience of supporting so many professionals going through this transition we can also offer best practice advice on how to support the direct report and the team.