Paternity Workshops and Webinars

Our paternity coaching programmes provide an opportunity for expectant and new dads to consider and plan the transition and what their role as a co-parent and working father could look like.

We help them through all aspects of paternity leave and the implications that come with it, including how to prioritise their work, career and family objectives to gain greater control over choices and management of their time. They are also encouraged to openly discuss issues around pregnancy, parenting, paternity leave and how they are perceived in the workplace.

Expert coaching in a supportive environment

We support expectant and new fathers through two hour interactive workshops for up to 10 participants where working fathers have the benefit of sharing supporting and developing a network with colleagues.

Alternatively our one hour webinars can accommodate larger and more geographically spread participants.

Expectant Fathers sessions cover topics on what to expect before and in the first few weeks of fatherhood, bonding with the baby and integrating work and fatherhood.

The New Dads workshops looks at exploring what dads want to give their children, how to juggle work / home demands, career and parent planning and co-ordination of goals with partners.