Maternity Workshops and Webinars

‘We have partnered with ECC over the last four years for the delivery of our Managing your Maternity Leave workshops. The feedback from participants has always been overwhelmingly positive, particularly the expertise and flexibility of the facilitators in ensuring that the individual needs of participants are met within the group dynamic’
CIB Learning and Development
J P Morgan

Our Maternity Leaver, Kit Day and Maternity Returner workshops give your employees the opportunity to consider all aspects of the maternity transition, share their experiences, and develop a supportive network with other expectant or new mothers.

We explore some of the practical aspects of the transition as well as helping them to reflect on how their individual strengths and preferences are likely to impact at this important time. Our coaches create an open and trusting climate with the group to help them to feel comfortable to share thoughts, aspirations and concerns, and to make plans for a smooth transition to and from the workplace.

The organisation’s Human Resources team often join us at the end of these sessions to answer questions relating to company policy.


Organisations with smaller numbers of maternity leavers/returners or with a wide geographical spread may opt for the flexibility of webinars. Participants can join the live webinar with the opportunity to ask questions or log-on later to hear the recorded programme.