1:1 Paternity Coaching

‘I found that having the time and opportunity to discuss the issues that were important to me incredibly valuable. It is very easy to lose sight of your own ambitions and goals both personally and professionally during this exciting time, and I found it very energising to discuss the things that are most important to me. It’s also very reassuring to have someone with Tom’s experience validating some of the issues and fears I had at the beginning of the process; it’s not just me worrying about this. My period of leave was very successful, which was in part due to several pieces of advice that Tom gave me to ensure that I manage the perceptions of my team, by having the right conversations at the right time.
Overall I would thoroughly recommend this to any potential fathers taking parental leave.’
UK Leading Law Firm

With the introduction of Shared Parental Leave, it’s important to think about how those fathers who decide to take a significant amount of leave to support their family in the early days can be helped to manage the transition to and from the workplace.

Research and experience has told us how preparation and planning before a significant break from work can help with the transition and how support in the early days after return can help smooth the process and re-engage and refocus career ambitions.

Our 1:1 coaching programmes offer a confidential, safe space to explore the emotional and practical aspects of this transition, helping expectant and new fathers reflect, prepare and act on their goals for career and fatherhood.