1:1 Maternity Coaching

‘Always insightful, flexible in their approach and never losing sight of the business needs ECC are invaluable in not only helping us retain women but also helping those women to fulfil their potential.’
Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Olswang LLP

As with our other coaching services, our maternity coaching offers independent confidential development support, helping individuals to consider all the key aspects of a successful transition back to work.

We help women to plan and effectively manage the lead up to maternity leave and to consider topics such as communication whilst on leave and ideal working patterns on their return. The aim is to give mothers everything they need to ‘hit the ground running’ on their return to work, and that the transition is successful for everyone involved.

Renewed Focus on Career Development

Research and experience has shown that on return to work women frequently have a sense of renewed focus on their career development.  Coaching can provide an objective, personal ‘space’ to enable them to work out their short, medium and longer-term career development goals.

Our standard programme provides three 1:1 coaching sessions, pre, during and post maternity leave. Sessions are normally face to face, although phone coaching can be arranged where preferred. Many of our clients opt to add two further sessions to the standard programme to continue support in the 6-18 months after return where research had shown that women start to become vulnerable.  Coaching at this point can help them to review their career/family balance, and to re-establish their career goals.