Combining coaching and positive psychology The ECC Thrive Programme creates positive and sustainable behaviour change, improving wellbeing, allowing employees to flourish and perform successfully.

Workplace wellbeing is a strategic business issue. Elite organisations attract top talent, who are driven to achieve at the highest levels. However, stress is on the increase, and organisations who are ignoring this risk disengagement, health issues, retention risks and negative team and customer  impacts.

The reasons for the increase are obvious but complex. Individuals are faced with a unique set of challenges in today’s work environment, as high competitive pressures, follow the sun working, increased work complexity and technological breakthroughs, collide with outdated organisational process, policy and culture. Working as executive coaches within elite organisations makes us acutely aware that their leaders and future leaders  are struggling to cope with the demands of their careers and their desire to sustain flourishing fulfilled lives.

Recent gender led initiatives looking at the career aspirations of people starting their careers in some of the most elite organisations confirms the issues and recommends actions that organisations can take. However, whilst organisations work out how to implement truly agile working, healthy work cultures, and how to measure output rather than presenteeism, employee’s heath and wellbeing is being threatened and sustainable high performance is being compromised.


ECC Thrive for Individuals

Building wellbeing, confidence and sustainable performance at an individual level.



ECC Thrive for Teams

Building high performance through team uplift coaching.



The ECC Thrive programme uses the Jacobs Model based on extensive research and practical business experience and draws on a range of scientific and academic fields that help to describe human behavior.