Career Resilience

This seminar runs for 90 minutes and can be run in webinar or workshop format.

This seminar is designed to equip you with the right tools to flex your mental resilience muscles. It will help you survive (and thrive on) the bumps and setbacks that are inevitable during most of today’s careers. Resilient people bounce back quickly, better and stronger, from tough experiences.  Research into leadership shows resilience as a key factor in the leader’s career success.   The seminar explains what career resilience is and how we might strengthen it.   We share what it means to be career fit, job fit, and personally fit.  It’s not about building your muscles, though that does help, but being personally resilient so we can deal with the trials and tribulations that life may spring upon us.  We need to be able to focus on the things that count, and be mindful of what we should spend more time on and what we aren’t spending enough time on. You will be invited to think about what’s contributed to your success so far, what you’re motivated by and your key strengths so that you continue to capitalise on these.