Seminar Series

‘I only wish I had encountered your company a few years ago, to make better decisions and have a more compassionate and intelligent understanding about how to manage my career and family’
Seminar Delegate

Our seminar series is ideal for lunchtime learning. We cover a range of topics that feature high on our clients’ radars. Thought provoking and stimulating, we encourage interaction and participation whether it’s a small gathering of 12 or a bigger scale event of up to 100. We are accustomed to tailoring the content to make it suitable for parents and all-female networks.

We are often ask to offer these seminars as part of organisations women’s initiatives, and as such look at these topics through the female lens, we can however run these for mixed groups.

Seminar Series topics include:

Some of these seminars are available in webinar and workshop format. 

Keynote Speeches:


Geraldine Gallacher is a Master Coach (accredited with the AC) and a thought leader in Gender Intelligence. Her keynote speeches have relevance and poignancy for those industries and sectors focused on raising awareness of the issue of gender diversity in a pragmatic and accessible way and for companies keen to investigate ways of improving their gender diversity statistics. Recent speeches for Women in Google, the HeandShe conference in media and to mark International Women’s Day for both a major international law firm and Investment Bank all contain her trademark research-based themes. These zero in on global indices of gender equality as well as relevant industry and company statistics, the possible causes of the gender pay gap, the motherhood penalty (and now the fatherhood penalty), gender differences at work, the notion of gender fluidity and the future of gender equality.

For companies looking to present a “balanced line-up” Geraldine partners with Tom Beardshaw, our ECC Lead Paternity Coach, and together they make a lively duo; both passionate about gender equality and “nearly always” agreeing on the right way to tackle the issues! In an area which desperately needs more participation from men, having Tom’s expertise from having helped run the Fatherhood Institute and successfully helping government to implement paternity leave in 2003, is invaluable. Together they represent both sides of the coin when it comes to how to change society and organisations within them and this helps to ensure that the debate is inclusive.


‘I thought it was so interesting and gave a lot of food for thought.

Especially how we, as a society, need to work towards changing perceptions and behaviours around traditionally gendered roles to achieve equality, leading towards a balance between health, work and family for women and men.’

Business Director, Media Company


As my role is in the People & Culture team and therefore a large part of my role is about the wellbeing of everyone at our company, Geraldine’s talk on the importance of gender diversity at all levels of the organisation was particularly relevant for me.

Everyone I spoke to following the session (both men and women) felt very empowered by the knowledge that was shared, and it really sparked discussions both within and following the talk. I believe every organisation should have similar training to this because it really highlights the areas which are often overlooked, and the ways in which we can help as a business.’ 

People & Culture Co-Ordinator, Media Company