Debbie – excellent facilitator, knew her stuff and didn’t just gloss over tricky questions like a lot of facilitators do. Course is a good idea to capture associates who may be ‘wobbling’.

Accelerate is an executive coaching workshop for professional women in their early career aimed at helping them to hone their personal leadership style and make pragmatic career choices for their future.

Research tells us that after making the first big career decision as a new graduate, the next significant career consideration for women kicks in around 5 years later where women start to contemplate future goals, opportunities, and lifestyle.  Decisions made now set the pace and direction for their future career.

Providing focus for future planning

This unique women’s development programme gives individuals a new career focus helping them to understand and capitalise on their strengths.

We tailor the programme to suit the organisations and typically it includes a blend of group and 1:1 coaching.