Partner Coaching

‘Geraldine has an uncanny ability to get to the nub of an issue quickly and describe it in accessible and non-threatening terms.  Her broad grasp of the issues facing both senior people (and senior women in particular) and organisations makes her a great sounding board’
Head of Diversity Ashurst

Becoming a successful partner brings a unique development focus compared with a more typical management structure in a corporate organisation. Consensus decision-making is a key feature of the role, and in an increasingly competitive market, partners and lawyers are being called upon to market themselves more proactively and to lead in more innovative ways than by example alone. This in turn develops entrepreneurial, leadership and networking skills alongside their technical competence.

Having worked with law firms over the last 10 years ECC has extensive knowledge and experience of this sector enabling us to provide effective leadership coaching. Our intellectual, commercial and professional experience means we are uniquely equipped to engage in highly successful Partner coaching relationships, supporting individuals to recognise the leadership challenge that Partnership brings and accelerating the effectiveness of individuals and the firm.