Board Level Coaching

‘Geraldine helped me to shape the role to play to my strengths, and she also helped me to get over some misconceptions I had about my own shortcomings.  I always left Geraldine’s office feeling better and more positive than when I went in!  I am sure that I will continue to work with Geraldine as my career progresses’
Managing Director, Phlexglobal Ltd

Over the last 21 years, we’ve built an impressive track record coaching leaders at the top of their organisations. The core strength of our coaches lies in the combination of their intellectual, commercial and professional experience and results in us being uniquely equipped to engage in highly successful executive coaching at this level.

A broad industry knowledge and experience across a variety of client sectors significantly enhances the board coaching experience. Our coaches include those who have direct experience of operating as part of a Board as well as those with many years’ experience of working at a senior level.

Our coaching work with board members increasingly leads to team coaching where we offer 1:1 sessions with each member of the board before bringing them together in a team event. Typically this includes working together to share values, develop effective behaviours and agree strategic goals, helping the board to fully maximise on its collective performance.