Gender Equality Programmes

‘I thought Emma was amazing. She put my life into perspective and really helped me figure out the present and the future. I was very confused and she helped me through this.’
Director, US investment bank

Five Stages Of A Woman’s Career 

Lack of female representation at senior levels is a real issue for businesses today and we’re passionate about helping organisations to change this.

As a leading provider of Executive Coaching for women our experience and research tells us that the female career journey can be quite different to that of a male and the traditional ‘up or out’ philosophy no longer works. This is why we have designed coaching interventions to match the different stages of a woman’s career recognizing that the shape is more of a lattice than a ladder.

Ongoing development and support

This supports organisations not just to retain women, but also develop them, enabling them to perform to their best, with confidence, in an authentic way and achieve their aspirations.

We offer this through one-to-one coaching and workshop programmes designed for promising junior executives through to CEOs.

Five stages of a woman’s career

This represents the typical female career journey. To reinforce the female pipeline it is essential that companies offer support at each of the key stages below.

Five Stages