Maternity/Paternity Coach Training

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One of the work/life transitions that organisations are finding themselves increasingly in need of supporting is that of the dual role of becoming a parent whilst still managing a successful and demanding career.

It is important for organisations to show an active interest in supporting new parents through the changes in their life and providing a clear and structured way to transition back to work. By having an internal maternity/paternity coach, organisations demonstrate real care towards their staff and their careers, which in turn fosters loyalty and productivity.

Creating internal support structure

Our experience as Maternity and Paternity coaches, together with our credentials as Coach Trainers puts us in the unique position of being able to offer our clients this highly focussed and practical training programme which enables internal coaches to offer additional support to employees through this challenging transition time. This training is aimed at trained, experienced, and ideally, accredited coaches to offer an additional layer of specialism.

After internal coaches have completed this training, organisations are well placed to offer an internal Maternity/Paternity coaching provision, typically aimed at the more junior employees and possibly extending the programmes that ECC offers, allowing internal coaches to develop their experience and skills over time.