Coachee Resources

To complement your coaching sessions with us, we thought it would be helpful to curate a list of resources that you might find helpful through whatever transition you are going through.




Birth Support


Breastfeeding after returning to work




  • BubbleAllows you to find local babysitters, read their reviews on the app, see how far they live from you, and see which of your friends on Facebook might have used and reviewed them. Great for using as extra cover for emergency childcare / when a child is ill and you’re working from home or for finding someone local who you can rely on for ad hoc childcare needs. 



  • Baby Connect 
  • Cozi: Sync up parenting schedules so you both have visibility on what’s going on for your kids, including reminders for vaccinations and weekly activities. 



Networking Forums

Networking fourms


  • Peanut 
  • Mumz (Hong Kong) 
  • MushMum networking apps for making new mum friends in your local area 

Nutrition and Well Being: Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy


Parenting with Special needs


Peri Natal Mental Health


Returning successfully

Includes: Work Life Balance, Childcare ,  Resilience and separation anxiety etc

Ted Talk:


Single parents


Support groups for families with babies in neonatal care


Support Groups for Those who’ve had Traumatic Births




Thriving on maternity leave

Includes information on sleep, feeding, new parent networking and baby class apps.


    Hoop: Find local baby classes and get inspiration on days out or activities at home to entertain kids of all ages.
    Baby Feed Timer: Recommended by NHS midwives, the Baby Feed Timer has proven a great help for many new mums. This helpful app tracks your baby’s feeding schedule, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. The log helps you record when and how long your baby feeds for, and it also reminds you when the next feed is due.
    The Wonder Weeks: Recommended by lots of new mums to help you to understand your baby’s development and milestones.

Working Flexibly / Agile Working

TED Talk: