There is so much you can do to ensure your return to work is a success and you return to work with the knowledge, skills and support to manage your career and your carer responsibilities. We have collected some top tips from returners so far:

“Take time, no one is perfect, be kind to yourself.”

“You are learning new things but remember you are bringing new things too.”

“Have high expectations of yourself, you need to be determined and set stretching goals, but be kind to yourself too, it takes time to adapt.”

“Discuss regularly how you are doing and get feedback.”

“The most important thing I found was to be proactive about asking for help – I found people very willing and wished I’d asked sooner.”

“Develop a network – who do you know you can count on to help you do the job?”

“Get your childcare right, you need to feel happy with it.”

“You really need to develop and use your support network outside of work, don’t try to solve everything at home as well as at work.”