Research tells us we’re more likely to have career success when we understand and use our strengths:

  • When using our strengths –we are more energized, engaged and productive. One research study saw performance rise by 36%.
  • Very successful people have one or two distinctive stand-out strengths that define them, and they actively manage weaknesses rather than overinvesting  in them
  • More importantly, they play to their strengths making them central to their leadership and career development
  • 60 – 70% of us don’t know what our real strengths are

Garcea et al., 2009; Linley et al. 2010; Woods et al. 2011


This exercise is to help you gain some clarity on what your strengths are. Once you’ve then completed it you can use this for a productive conversation with your manager about how you want your career to develop.

Identifying strengths – a framework for discussion