With more time at work, and of course less time at home, chores, caring responsibilities and domestic tasks may need to be re-distributed, and yet, it may not be obvious to some how your return to work will impact upon them. It is therefore helpful to have an open discussion, be as specific as possible about your needs, focus on what is really important and help them to get things in perspective.


Below is a checklist of common things to discuss and agree relating to the home:

Rebalance roles and responsibilities at home, plan your caring responsibilities and contingencies.

Discuss childcare or healthcare providers, identify and ensure contracts are signed.

Discuss Primary carer responsibilities – who is the “contact in case of emergency”? Who takes time off work to cover sickness? Is it the same everyday?

Plan for time spent showing or explaining what is required to carers.

Re-allocate household chores – what tasks do others want to do? How can the whole family help? What other help can you get?

Discuss management of financial matters, household budgets and paying bills.

If a parent, discuss preparation of day bags, schools bags, sports equipment, packed lunches, and agree drop off and pick-up arrangements.

Create or improve a work space to facilitate working from home if appropriate.